The inspection covers the evaluation of structural components of the entire dwelling. This includes everything from the roof to the foundation in addition to reviewing Heating, Plumbing, and Electrical. Click titles to expand.

Roof Evaluation
Roof coverings
Insulation Ventilation
Water infiltrations
Gutters, etc.
Structural Evaluations
Beam and Pier support
Visible Footers
All framing components (studs, floor joists,
sheeting, etc.)
Electrical Evaluations
Accessible switches
Interior of panel box
Exterior service entrance, etc.
Plumbing Evaluations
Distribution Lines
Waste Lines
Water pressures
Heating Evaluations
Main Heating Systems & Operating Controls
Circulation, Distribution, Hot Water, etc.
Exterior Inspection
Coverings such as siding, stone, brick, stucco
Porches and decks
Driveways, retaining walls, sidewalks
Interior Inspections
All visible interiors such as Walls, Floors, Door & Window function Kitchen Cabinetry Installation, etc.

Septic Inspections

A Septic Inspection consist of a “Stress Probe and Dye Test” where effluent is introduced into the Waste Treatment System according to PA Septic Management Association Protocol.

Wood Destroying Insects

This evaluation is done to find destructive insects such as the Powder Post Beetle, Carpenter Ants, and Termites.

Water Inspections – Bacterial

Samples are taken to the Kirby Health Center for testing and results.

Water Inspections – Chemical

Samples are sent to the Kirby Health Center for testing.

This inspection includes 6 water tests such as:

PH Levels Iron


Eagle Eye Home Inspection, LLC. uses an online program called HomeGauge Network to produce inspection reports. Our reports are easy to read for any individual and are provided to the customer to understand the outline of their home as well as any other deficiencies that may be present. The customer can access the reports online; however, if they do not have access to a computer, a hard copy of the report will be presented if needed.

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